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Gramsci nous invite à concevoir les crises non sur le mode d’une temporalité unique et linéaire, mais comme des phénomènes spatio-temporellement complexes

—Razmig Keucheyan


Designing Legends

by Vasily KlyukinVia

In an era of skyscraper frenzy, where the world’s metropoles compete for the record of the tallest tower (with buildings as high as 1000 meters being reportedly under construction), a young businessman from Russia has envisioned a different kind of architectural landmark. 37-year-old Vasily Klyukin, founder of the successful Sovcombank and manager of the real estate fund K2H, has been working for the past year on a conceptual architecture project that means to give a legendary status to the skyscrapers and other iconic buildings we erect in our cities.

(Source: ryanpanos)